BPAC Officers 23-23

On June 5th, the D187 Bilingual Parent Advisory Committee (BPAC) held its last meeting of the year to elect the BPAC officers for the 2023-2024 school year.  Over breakfast, the participants shared personal stories, recapped BPAC events, planned for next year, held elections and much more!  We're thrilled to have such a lively and dedicated group for the upcoming school year. 

Below is a list of elected officers:
President- Janeth Astudillo
Vice President- Amalia Gonzalez
Secretary: Sandra Gomez
Assistant Secretary: Felix Hernandez

We are happy to report that the BPAC is now the largest it's ever been with over 20 members:
Sandra Gomez, Beatriz Mari, Amalia Gonzalez, Victoria Gomez, Eloisa Garcia, Gabriela Trujillo, Olivia Moreno, Matilde Bautista, Betty Corrales, Maria Magdalena Ruiz, Felix Hernandez, Alejo Molina, Betzy Ramirez, Bertha Garcia, Asucena Rauda, Silvia Gisela Mancilla, Ariela Mancilla, Wendy Vasquez,  Marisol Aragon, Rosa Zarate, Ana Ramirez, Patricia Alvarez, and Hermila Gomez. 

If you missed the meeting, click here to see our presentation