District 187 Leads a Successful Parent Engagement Program (PEP) with both English & Spanish Cohorts

North Chicago, IL - District 187 now provides a Spanish Parent Engagement Program (PEP) to accompany the success of the ongoing training, led by the District's Family and Community Liaison, Ebony Wilson. The PEP empowers parents to become active partners in their children's education. This D187 initiative signifies the district's commitment to fostering an inclusive, empowering, and collaborative learning environment for all D187 families.

The PEP program provides essential knowledge and tools to navigate various educational topics. Parents gain valuable insights into data analysis, digital literacy, and school accountability, cultivating more profound understanding and engagement.

The 29 parents that have participated in PEP over the past three years, acquire practical skills through interactive workshops like parental engagement, leadership, and home learning support. Sessions promote Individual Leadership plans, further enhancing the ability of D187 parents to advocate for their children's needs and chart a personalized course for their child's academic success.

The inaugural Spanish cohort, facilitated by Multilingual Family and Community Liaison, Keren Parra, ensures all parents, regardless of their language preference, have equal access to information and resources. All sessions promote a collaborative atmosphere where participants actively share experiences and build connections, creating a support network for each other and their children.

PEP Coordinator, Ebony Wilson mentions the collaborative spirit: "Parents actively participate, share experience, and build connections, establishing a strong PEP network ready to champion for their children."

District 187 is proud to announce the recent success of the Parent Engagement Program and hopes you will join the growing network! The English sessions will continue in February, March, and April

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