Ms D's  Second and Third graders had Pickleball tournaments in each class during PE.  At the end of the Pickleball unit, a championship tournament was held at "Center Court" in the gym.  The second and third grade classes cheered for their teams, as the class winners competed in an elimination tournament to determine the Alexander Pickleball Champions for 2022.  The coveted "Golden Paddle" award was presented to Guadalupe Trujillo and Kevin Garcia, from Mr. Tamayo's third grade class.

Pictured are the finalists with Ms Ivers and Ms D:
DAVIS:  Jacob Crockett and Karter Johnson HENTSCHEL:  Audry Bennett  and Sky Roman TAMAYO:  Kevin Garcia and Guadalupe Trujillo GAYLOR:  Samantha Montano and Eric Cuenca GUZMAN:  Yareli Ocampo  and Jessica Lopez

The Champions receiving their Golden Paddle award from Ms Ivers:
Guadalupe Trujillo and Kevin Garcia