District 187 Communications Team

District 187 Students Soar to New Heights with Acceptance into National Choir 2024

Two A.J. Katzenmaier students, Malik Hill and Santiago Perez, have been selected to participate in the prestigious National Choir 2024, an exceptional honor that showcases their dedication and talent. Their commitment to learning and willingness to embrace new challenges paved the way for this remarkable achievement.

They decided to practice with Ms. Flynn after school this fall to prepare for their audition. They diligently practiced a new audition piece, learned the art of harmonizing, and meticulously prepared their audition recordings.

“I'm so proud of these two students for their brave and serious work preparing for their auditions, but more for their enthusiasm to try this new experience. I'm so, so proud they will be representing North Chicago on the big stage!“ - Erin Flynn

From December to March, Malik and Santiago will embark on a once-in-a-lifetime experience, joining a talented ensemble of young singers nationwide. Guided by an esteemed children's choir conductor, they will prepare for a grand concert at the Symphony Center on Saturday, March 16th.

The Organization of American Kodály Educators (OAKE), which hosts the National Choir, is committed to fostering the highest quality of music education, promoting universal music literacy, and preserving the rich musical heritage of the United States. The OAKE National Conference, held annually in a different city, brings together music educators and clinicians for four days of professional development, culminating in the inspiring performance of the National Choirs.

The National Choir 2024 represents a culmination of Malik and Santiago's commitment to music, their willingness to step outside their comfort zones, and their support from their families and teachers. Their selection is a source of immense pride for the entire D187 community. We eagerly anticipate their musical talents to shine on the grand stage of Symphony Center.

Once again, congratulations to Malik and Santiago for this extraordinary achievement! Their success is a shining example of the transformative power of music education and the dedication of our students, teachers, and families.